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#ProTalk with Mo Ali

#ProTalk with Mo Ali

Welcome to Pro Talk hosted by footballer & trainer Mo Ali (@moalifc). In this series you get to see Mo talk to some of the best footballers & athletes around the world!

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Mo Ali Heydarpour is the owner of @MoAliFC. He is a soccer content producer & trainer. Mo travels around the world working with brands and professional soccer players to create highly engaging content for brands and companies.

Mo is a modern-day trainer and has trained soccer players at the highest clubs including: Manchester United, Paris St. Germain, Everton, Dortmund and many more! He is the host of the MoAliFC Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur.

The MoAliFC Podcast is all about footballers, their brands, their methods, their mindset, and more. Mo personally chats with the world’s best players and brings those conversations to you in this one of a kind podcast.

Featuring: Mo Ali Heydarpour